Past Festivals

4th Findhorn Bay Festival 2022

The 4th Findhorn Bay Festival presented a spectacular 10-day journey of exploration and discovery for Scotland’s Year of Stories, offering glimpses into the past and hopes for the future, and experiences of nature, culture and adventure. Read More.


3rd Findhorn Bay Festival 2018

The 3rd Findhorn Bay Festival presented a spectacular six-day celebration of arts and culture, showcasing artists of national and international renown for Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018. Read More.


2nd Findhorn Bay Festival 2016

Following the success of the inaugural Findhorn Bay Festival two years earlier, Findhorn Bay Arts presented the second biennial Festival in celebration of Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. Read More.


1st Findhorn Bay Festival 2014

Held over five days, the inaugural Findhorn Bay Festival presented an extensive programme of local, national and international artists, including Scotland’s only Culture Day. Read More.


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