Family Cabaret

Let's Circus & The Mad Hatters of Moray

  • Saturday 29 September 11am
  • Town Hall
£8 / £6 / Family Ticket £25

Join us for a fabulously fun show for all ages. Grab your popcorn and get ready for some of the best family-friendly cabaret acts around. Hosted by circus ringmaster Steve Cousins (Let’s Circus) you are in for a treat with international and local acts that will lift your spirits for the whole day!

The Balloonatic, a man with a big red balloon, will have you roaring with laughter. Galloping into town, Cowboy Duke Loopin’ brings the Wild West to Forres with a knife-throwin’, lasso- spinnin’ show. Hula-hooping Toni Smith wows with her dexterity and cheeky jokes while the Mad Hatters of Moray serve up a delicious performance from their new show Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It’s an afternoon of pure imagination!

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