Finding Petunia LittleTree

Sharon Took-Zozaya

  • Sunday 2 October
    3:00 pm
  • Sunday 2 October
    7:30 pm
  • James Milne Institute
£10 / £8

Who is Petunia LittleTree? And what about her relationship with baby tree, Sally Semper Sprout, is so unnerving?

Sharon Took-Zozaya premieres Finding Petunia LittleTree, her new humorous, yet bittersweet, solo physical theatre and dance piece with original text.

Petunia’s quirky, inconsistent emotional responses to the climate emergency are unveiled through a compassionate lens…asking how can we live with what we know, with humour, dark undertones and all?

Finding Petunia LittleTree is supported by Creative Scotland, Surge, The Work Room and Citymoves.

Following the performance there will be a moderated post-show conversation.

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