Forest Circus


  • Sunday 25 September
    11:00 am
  • Sunday 25 September
    3:00 pm
  • Sanquhar Woods
Pay What You Can £4 to £10

Let Rowanbank take you on a ‘Magical Woodland Walk’, where you will be led on a journey through the forest, meeting fantastical characters along the way.

Stilt walkers! Trapeze artists! Storytellers! And musicians!

Rowanbank’s ‘creatures of the forest’ will take families a magical exploration of Grant Park and Sanquhar Woods. Led by a storyteller, the journey starts with a stilt walking performer, Azan Shooopard (a local tree hopper) gathering up the audience.

In the woods they meet Granny Lichenleaf – the wise old woman of the woods, and Lulu Whizzlegs and Mimi Fern, who are practicing their flying skills for the upcoming flying competition.

As part of their flying practice, they perform spectacular aerial acrobatics from a beautiful tree (doubles trapeze act). The promenade performance culminates in a seasonal tea party, with locally foraged delights, Granny’s tea, music and dancing.

Rowanbank events celebrate the changing seasons, connecting people with their local green spaces, encouraging a greater appreciation for the beauty and importance of trees and woodlands.

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