Mr. H

Hillis Smith

This event is in the past and is no longer available for booking.
  • Saturday 24 September
    11am - 4pm Around Forres
  • Sunday 25 September
    11am - 4pm Around Findhorn

Family, Theatre, Comedy

When Mr H arrives the comedy doors will swing open. Enjoy the crazy antics of this silent clown as he stumbles around the streets, grappling with everyday objects, attempting to turn the world inside out and upside down. Mr H arrives without a care in the world: just a broom, a table, a chair, some playful comedy and some spectacular acrobatics.

From humble beginnings with a set of fire clubs performing on street corners around Ireland, Mr H, aka Hillis Smith, has subsequently toured the world and appeared in acclaimed ensemble pieces such as Toin Thar Ceann with Tumble Circus and Cyclope with PlateauLac.

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