The Lady Vanishes

Dudendance Theatre

This event is in the past and is no longer available for booking.
  • Saturday 24 September
    Dusk: 6pm
  • Saturday 24 September
    Dusk: 6:45pm
  • Sunday 25 September
    Dawn: 6:45am
  • Kinloss Abbey


From behind ruined abbey walls appear ghostly figures, clad in hooded white robes, eternal migratory souls moving through imaginary borders, dancing to the harmonies of an unseen heavenly choir. This is The Lady Vanishes, a new installation performance by Dudendance, which draws upon the juxtaposition of spirituality and war in a meditative interpretation of invasion, conquest and contemplation.

The memories and scars of historic conflicts are all around us in the haunting ruins of Kinloss Abbey, once the largest Cistercian Monastery in the north of Scotland. The Lady Vanishes invites its audiences to discover different ‘views’ through and into this ageless landscape: to see the shadows of the men and women who, like us, once walked this ground, thought their own thoughts and were swayed by their own passions.

The Lady Vanishes to be performed in the light of dusk and dawn features the beautiful choral harmonies of the Lantern Singers a chamber choir who specialise in renaissance and sacred music.

    The concept of this installation performance is superb and it is truly a unique, meditative experience.

    Fringe Review

    It felt as if holographic flashes of distilled history were being projected across time.

    The Herald

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