Kenneth Le Riche

Kenneth Le Riche

This event is in the past and is no longer available for booking.
  • Wednesday 26 September - Monday 1 October
    10am - 4pm
  • Orchard Road Studios

Visual Art

There are two related strands in Kenneth’s artwork: observation and imagination. They inform each other. The observational work is figurative often depicting the experience of painting or drawing itself. The second strand is of imaginary spaces and forms using perspective and, sometimes, arbitrarily constructed symbols, like letters, arrows and arches.

Both strands are concerned with the relationship between the abstract surface and the illusion. Overall a theme of latency pervades and the tension between form and completion is intrinsic to the work. Within each work there is vulnerability where a thing’s existence could still be taken away from it.

Kenneth is a graduate of Leith School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art and the New York Academy of art.  He has also taught and exhibited extensively. 

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