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Martha with puppet goose and fishing net looking out of a stage set window
This event is in the past and is no longer available for booking.
  • Sunday 30 September
  • James Milne Institute

Family, Theatre

A touching tale of trust and friendship that has been enjoyed by children and adults alike since it began touring in 1999.

Martha lives by the sea in an odd little house… Martha lives alone…
She is stubborn, eccentric and highly independent.

Who are Martha’s friends?

Not her next door neighbour…
Not her helpful postman…
Nor her secret admirer from across the bay…

Martha thinks she doesn’t need anyone but one day a mischievous goose turns up on Martha’s beach. Despite her best efforts to get the goose to leave he teaches her that she might like a friend or two after all.

Award winner
2001 Victor Award, North American Showcase
2008 Shanghai International Children’s Festival

    Borrow a child if you don’t already have one and the delight will come at seeing the world through their eyes.

    The List

    Martha, a giggle-inducing, ultimately poignant lesson in the power of friendship.

    The New York Times

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