Floating BioSculpture

Biomatrix Water Solutions

from Wednesday 21 September 2016


This event has now passed
Brodie Castle
IV36 2TE

Floating BioSculpture is a living sculpture that utilises modular floating ecosystems to create a pioneering engineered ecology. This project explores the relationships between ecology, technology, art and engineering and looks towards a future where nature and technology can function in symbiosis.

Biomatrix Water Solutions specialise in creating floating ecosystems, islands and riverbanks that combine innovative use of durable marine engineering materials with ecologically beautiful water treatment habitats. Visitors to Floating BioSculpture will get the chance to discover how these amazing waterway ecosystems provide an aesthetic water feature that attract and provide healthy habitats for native wildlife, whilst also supporting good water quality.

Based in Forres, Biomatrix Water Solutions create award-winning habitat and water restoration projects that reach from Europe to the USA and China.

Floating BioSculpture is a permanent installation made possible with support from the National Trust for Scotland.