Findhorn Bay Arts aim to produce creative events and experiences across different art forms to engage with the people and place of Findhorn Bay.  The Findhorn Bay Festival is the culmination of creative projects and cultural work that takes place all year round in the area with a spectacular celebration and vibrant mix of theatre, music, dance, visual arts and much more.

The next biennial Findhorn Bay Festival will celebrate the Year of Young People 2018, with events that engage with and celebrate our children and young people.  The Festival programme aspires to incorporate work from local, national and international artists alike with the objective to;

  • Produce high quality cultural events that attract local and visiting audiences to the Findhorn Bay area
  • Support artists in developing and presenting artworks that engage with and respond to this context
  • Grow audiences of all ages through long term engagement with creative experiences
  • Encourage participation in cultural activities, removing barriers to awareness and participation

If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration in the Findhorn Bay Festival 2018 programme please email with details.  We hope to know our funding position in late 2017 and will announce further opportunities in due course.